Our Founder

Vanessa Gerard – CEO & Senior Consultant

Vanessa is a Saskatoon local and an indigenous female entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people. She found a way to fulfil her passion by developing a career and business dedicated to helping other business owners manage their employees. She earned a diploma specializing in Human Resource Management from Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology in 2015. In the midst of 2020, Vanessa graduated from the local school of Praxis School of Entrepreneurship where she learned not only the importance of business planning, but the importance of supporting the business and entrepreneurship community that supported her. She carved her way into the industry of human resource consulting by launching Trusted Human Resource Solutions Incorporated. In 2021, she is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources at the University of Saskatchewan while navigating her way through business success as a CEO. A few certifications Vanessa has earned include Myers Briggs Types Indicator as well as becoming a Leadership Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Vanessa Gerard – CEO & Senior Consultant. Saskatoon.

We work with growth-minded companies that want to protect their most important asset…their people. Our Trusted HR Solutions Inc. expert human resource consultants will:

  • Save you time to grow your business
  • Give you access to expert knowledge on HR topics
  • Reduce your risk of liabilities on the job
  • Increase your productivity capabilities

Your On-Call HR Department without the hassle. Contact Vanessa to get started today.

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