Trusted Human Resources Signature Services

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Trusted Human Resources Signature Services

We break down our services into two main categories: On-Call Service and Project Based Service.

On-Call Service

Trusted Human Resources Signature Services include our On-Call Services, which is the top tier of our service menu. This service holds the most value for business’s that are in demand; ones that are expanding quicker than they can keep up with. This company will be one that is rapidly expanding at a rate where all of the owner’s energy and focus needs to be on product producing or money making business functions. This business owner realizes the importance of needing help with other important business areas such as human capital management. 

Our On-Call Service is Trusted HR Solution’s next-level, sought after professional “Out-of-House HR Department” service. This service offers your business the expertise you need to develop your company’s human resource best practices. From creating all of your onboarding/offboarding documents, to developing your policy and procedure manual, or creating and implementing quarterly employee performance reviews, we take care of anything and everything that you want from a human resource department on a retainer basis.

Project-Based Service

Project Based Services are the best solution for smaller business projects. The projects tend to be more defined with specific start and end dates and with measured deliverables. This service holds the most value to small business owners who have begun their business expansion journey, who are focusing on their goals and know that it will take a team to smash their targets. Ideally for business owners who want their business, its mission and its values to be taken seriously by all stakeholders, including their employees. 

Project Based Service is a project based professional human resource service that is demanded by small business owners in many industries. This service offers expert human resource solutions for small business projects with quick turnaround and short deadlines. It is your “quick-fix” solution to your human capital demands that doesn’t necessarily require long-term expert consulting. Special Trusted Human Resources Signature Services are listed down below.

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Payroll, Remittance, & T4’s

Policy Development and Compliance Package

This service package includes:

  • Customized Policy Manual
  • Formal employee documentation and forms
  • Labor standards compliance package

Summary of this service: This package covers the bases in the SK Employment Act, SK Employment Standards, OH&S, and PIPEDA. This is perfect for any small business that is beginning to establish itself and needs to ensure compliance with provincial and federal legislation to reduce any liabilities while moving forward. If your industry is regulated, then industry related legislation can be included.

Talent Acquisition and On-boarding Process Package

This project includes three phases:


  • Workforce planning
  • Job Analysis


  • Recruitment strategy
  • Selection planning
  • Employee onboarding best practices

Post Hiring

  • Meet training needs
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee feedback info
  • Productivity improvement

This package aims to simplify the on-boarding process using effective techniques that can accelerate the performance of new hires. Ideal for small businesses who are quickly expanding operations and need man power immediately. Also ideal for any business who are in the planning phase for growth.

Lay offs, Career Transition & End of Employment Package

This service package includes:

Employee termination process

  • Formal documentation and forms
  • severance packages

Outplacement Support

  • Career coaching
  • career transition supports

Summary of Service: Ideal for businesses having to downsize or experiencing industry related challenges. Businesses growing can also benefit from having a termination and career transition strategy. It allows companies to be well prepared to document the termination process to protect themselves from liabilities. Former employees are stakeholders in any business and ensuring that the termination process is as easy for them as it can be is valuable to your brand and image. 

Depending upon the client and their needs, our services can be customized and tailored to special circumstances.

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