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Signature Service Packages

We have found it beneficial to break down our consulting services into packages so that clients get a strong sense of what they can expect from us and to see the value that formalized HR management bring to their business.

Depending upon the client and their needs, our services can be customized. We compose a series of “how-to” guides with each of our signature services. This way, any manager can learn the foundation of how to lead your company’s human resources in any easy step by step process. Your company’s intellectual capital is clearly communicated among employees, specifically when changes in organizational leadership is imminent.

Policy Development and Compliance Package

This service package includes:

  • Employment Handbook for Employees
    • This covers what an employee can expect when working for the company and what to expect in regards to performance, pay, policies, etc.
  • Employment Handbook for Managers
    • This covers what management needs to know when on-boarding a new employee and how it will look.
  • Policy Manual
    • covers all fundamental policies every company should have and industry related policies as an add on service.

Summary of this service: This package covers the bases in the SK Employment Act, SK Employment Standards, OH&S, and PIPEDA. This is perfect for any small business that is beginning to establish itself and needs to ensure compliance with provincial and federal legislation to reduce any liabilities while moving forward. If your industry is regulated, then industry related legislation can be included.

Talent Acquisition and On-boarding Process Package

This service package includes…

Phase 1 – Pre Hiring:

  • Workforce Plan or HRM Plan
    • Defines job, skill, and performance gaps. Defines what is needed now and what is needed in the future.
  • Job Analysis (up to 5 job positions)
    • Used for creating accurate and useful job descriptions and is the basis for the hiring, on boarding, and performance management processes.

Phase 2 – Staffing:

  • Recruitment Strategy 
    • Locate and attract qualified candidates for particular job positions. Internal or external postings.
    • Used to collect a pool of qualified candidates quickly, legally, and as cost effectively as possible.
  • Selection Planning
    • To determine ways of effective screening techniques ie: pre-interview aptitude testing, etc.
  • Manage Employee On-Boarding
    • Tax forms, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements and other forms, orientation information such as employee handbook etc., other letters and acknowledgement forms.

Phase 3 – Post Hiring:

  • Training Needs
    • A layout of what the employee will need to know to perform their job duties successfully.
  • Performance Reviews and Feedback Techniques
    • When a performance reviews should happen, how they should be administered, and to encourage good behaviours and address bad behaviours from employee.
    • Includes all forms for documentation and analysis techniques.
    • Can also be used for other functions and decisions regarding promotion, demotion, pay raises, disciplinary actions or discharges.
  • Productivity Improvement Program
    • Can enhance job behaviour. Rewards can be financial or nonfinancial. Used to motivate employees to engage in appropriate behaviours.

This package aims to simplify the on-boarding process using effective techniques that can accelerate the performance of new hires. Ideal for small businesses who are quickly expanding operations and need man power immediately. Also ideal for any business who are in the planning phase for growth.

Lay offs, Career Transition & End of Employment Package

This service package includes:

  • Managing the Termination Process (Forms, Checklists, Exit Interview, severance package and other financial documents)
  • Develop Termination Procedures, Termination Scripts, and Severance Packages
  • Outplacement and Career Counselling for individuals exiting

Summary of Service: Ideal for businesses having to downsize or experiencing industry related challenges. Businesses growing can also benefit from having a termination and career transition strategy. It allows companies to be well prepared to document the termination process to protect themselves from liabilities. Former employees are stakeholders in any business and ensuring that the termination process is as easy for them as it can be is valuable to your brand and image. 

Workplace Wellness Package

This service includes:

  • Physical Health
    • We will explore the different ways your organization can implement health programs and what the overall impacts could be.
  • Mental Health
    • We will explore the different ways your organization can implement mental health programs and what the overall impacts could be.
  • Program incentives
    • We explore ways to engage and enroll your employees into the Workplace Wellness Program and why it is beneficial for your employees to utilize the programs.
  • Execution strategy
    • Once we find the right tools and techniques for your organization’s Wellness Program, we will help you and your management implement the strategy, collect employee feedback, and how to improve the Workplace Wellness Program overtime.
    • Finding the right Wellness Ambassador in your organization to run the program. 
  • On-site employee mental wellness coaching sessions (as an add on service)
    • We will provide up to 10 employees 1 hour one-on-one coaching session on any topic they need help with.

On-Call “Out of house” Human Resource Manager – Retainer Package

This service includes:

  • On call consultations available during regular business hours via email, text, call to answer any human resource management related questions ie: payroll, employee performance, conflicts, employee engagement, etc.
  • Represent your business on boards and committees.
  • HRM metrics & board report quarterly
  • And, anything else that is needed to help your organization.

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