8 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Handling employee conflict is easier when a process is in place. Using an efficient process is encouraged because it allows the organizational leaders to make fair, unbiased resolutions. Implementing ethical practices such as our ‘8 Steps to Conflict Resolution‘ into your organization’s strategy for quality.

Here is our 8 Steps to Conflict Resolution for employee conflict management success:

  1. Problem Recognition. All parties involved need to see that there is a problem and a solution needs to be put into place.
  2. Understanding the Problem. Everyone that is affected or are part of the problem needs to understand the different perspectives of the problem.
  3. Intervention. A third party may need to become involved to get everyone onto the same page with an unbiased view of the situation.
  4. Be Proactive. Identify the triggers that prompt conflict to arise in regards to the main issue.
  5. Find Solutions. Identify behaviors, attitudes, and approaches to work that can increase camaraderie among coworkers.
  6. Compromise. Find the middle ground in which all parties involved can commit to so that the conflict can be minimized or completely resolved.
  7. Write it down. Create a mutual agreement based on the compromise that was created. This will solidify the employee’s commitment to the resolution.
  8. Monitor. Keep an open door policy while monitoring the situation and gain feedback from the involved parties so that the appropriate adjustments can be made.

At the end of the day, if the conflict continues to arise even with the efforts followed in our 8 Steps to Conflict Resolution, it is at the discretion of the manager to either 1) further discipline an employee, or 2) letting go the employee that is refusing to compromise. Of course, keep in mind that the appropriate performance management protocols should be followed, as well as a fair termination process.

It can be tough to manage conflict in the workplace. Following these steps will certainly help.

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