FAQ: What are the benefits to Human Resource outsourcing?

More often than not, we are asked this question a ton while speaking to organizations about their HR needs. So, you don’t need to feel bad about being unsure. There are many clients who ask this question and we get excited that we can explain it to them. Nothing really quite shines our shoes more than describing all of the benefits of human resource outsourcing! Let’s get into it.

  1. You Get More Time In Your Day. How? Because when you outsource your HR needs, all of your people problems are directed to a professional. All of the “Am I breaking any laws or regulations?” and “How do I motivate my team and keep them on their toes?” type questions are no longer the dark cloud over your head. That dark cloud now belongs to a professional that has your back.
  2. You Can Focus On Essential Business Tasks. Outsourcing HR handles a lot of the stress causing work that management face during their work weeks. Things such as employee disputes, payroll complications, law and policy compliance, dealing with terminations, training the new guy, and constantly thinking of ways to keep your teams motivated and to be consistently successful. Now, let’s envision what your work weeks would look like with all of that extra time to focus on the most essential business tasks. You can bet your lucky loonie – that’s what success looks like.
  3. You Get A People Expert “Side Kick”. All of the worries you may have had when it comes to managing your team (which we are positive you do for a good portion of your work day) are now someone else’s worries. The only difference is, is that this ‘someone else’ is an expert that can handle all of these concerns with confidence. You don’t need to worry about finding the solution because we will have it delivered directly to your door step.
  4. Leave It To the Experts. We know that most business owners are nervous about handing off so much responsibility to a third party. They have built a business that they are passionate about and don’t want that to be compromised. But, that is the exact reason it should be outsourced. Industry professionals can help protect your business from things that you may have never known about. HR professionals do the tedious work of combing through laws and regulations to ensure your company is in compliance and avoids being penalized or fined.
  5. Opportunity Cost. What is the hottest commodity out there that all business owners wish they had more of? Time. Yes, time is the most valuable asset that all business owners have (and need more of). Time equals opportunity. So, when considering outsourcing your HR, you should weigh the cost of time spent doing HR activities yourself compared to the opportunities that open up when it is outsourced to a professional. You can really hone in on major projects, you will have time to focus on strategy, on finances, on expansions, anything that you have been putting off. You name it. There are many opportunities waiting to be taken.

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